Welcome to The Word!

We are excited to launch The Word Agency today to help businesses compete for talent, drive sales performance and make marketing pay.  

Based in East Yorkshire, we initially set up in late 2019 and are already establishing key partnerships with prominent regional and national companies across our three key disciplines.

We specialise in recruitment marketing, helping businesses attract top talent; sales consultancy to ensure teams have the most effective processes in place, and; marketing consultancy, to help people get maximum return on investment for their promotional spend. 

Founder, Tim Watson, said: “There are great companies out there that struggle to attract talent and that are also seeing people join their business and leave within months. My belief is that you should promote yourself to potential employees in the same way you do to potential customers, so you attract the right people to come and work for you.”

Research supporting this idea shows that candidates are 40% more likely to apply for a career with a business they are already aware of and that a miss match in expectations is the reason many people leave a new job. 

Our recruitment marketing strand helps companies who are struggling to attract the right people because of low awareness, a poorly articulated employer brand and candidates experiencing bad recruitment practices. 

By offering creative services, campaign management and recruitment, marketing and candidate relationship management software, we help businesses to portray themselves in ways that attract the right people and ensures they have a high quality recruitment experience. 

The end result is high calibre employees who stay for longer, meaning reduced cost per hire, more productive people and an improved reputation as an employer and among clients. 

The Word Agency’s sales consultancy offer helps business owners who are spinning lots of plates and need hands-on practical support to maximise sales performance.

This involves defining the customer experience, developing a sales process, implementing training and development, establishing and understanding key performance indicators that matter, and identifying sales opportunities and developing strategies to take advantage of them.  

Tim added: “We believe in offering practical, hands-on support which makes the life of a business owner or leader easier, focussing on achieving specific objectives and measurable results.  We’ve already formed some great partnerships, working as an extension to their existing teams, and have achieved some fantastic successes in a very short time.”

In terms of marketing consultancy, we support businesses that need fresh ideas to spot the opportunities they no longer see. 

This includes analysing and evaluating existing practices to ensure they are working, measuring return on investment, defining customer types and ways to reach them, developing the messaging and creative treatment, and delivering and reviewing campaign performance. 

To talk about how we can help your business, email info@thewordagency.co.uk or call 01482 236488.















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