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Say that 5 times fast. Then film it and upload it for people to find on their FYP (we’ll get to this later).

Talking of 5, we’ll be running you through the things you need to know about TikTok. Expect a glossary of go-to phrases, content formats, best practices, and how you can get the best out of your content on the platform.

Learning the lingo 

FYP = For your page

This is the main screen you land on when opening the app. The more you use the app, the algorithm learns what type of content you view and engage with the most and suggests similar videos.

Duets = A feature that allows you to add a video to someone else’s content.

A user sets permissions to allow other users to film over or feature in the original media. The video will appear to the side of the video and can often be a commentary on the first piece of content, for better or for worse. This can be great for content reach but can be a fickle game.

Reactions = does what it says on the tin. Show how you feel with a filmed response.

Filter = using an overlay to edit a video

Coming in a variety of options filters can change the colour and feel of a video good for making something feel lighter, or moodier.

Hashtags = Ok you’ll know this one

Hashtags on TikTok are a great way to get your content in front of the right people. Be as niche as you can to get your video to the right audience for the best reach.

Be Authentic

The success of TikTok is down to its people-led format. Humans love seeing other humans and face-to-camera content helps audiences feel like they are genuinely engaging with a creator and fills the social cup. Consider getting candid with your followers and talking directly to your audience for results on the platform.

Jump on trends, fast.

Speed is of the essence with TikTok. The platform is famous for off-the-wall content paired with catchy audio. Expect trends to be born on TikTok, to trickle over to Instagram within a couple of weeks, and to die on Facebook.

Keep active on the platform to get a head start on what’s popular and act quickly.

Can’t see the trend fitting with your brand? Get creative, finding an angle to get involved can introduce your product or service to a new demographic. At the same time, don’t force something if you don’t see it fitting well or potentially alienating some of your existing client base.

Keep an eye on your analytics 

As with anything, there’s no point doing something unless you can see whether it’s working or not. It’s the same with your content but thanks to TikTok’s in-built metrics, you can see which videos performed the best in terms of likes, reach, comments, and shares to help you keep agile and make videos that support your marketing goals.

Know when to post 

It’s universally acknowledged timing is an ancient art. Luckily with TikTok, it’s not rocket science to find out when your audience is online and likely to see and engage with your video. Check your app insights which will not only tell you when they are online but also where in the world they are and how old they are. Use this knowledge to perfect your content to hit the right target.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Still at a loose end when it comes to upping your social game? Get in touch with our wonderful team who would be delighted to walk you around the world of digital marketing and social media.

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