Attract, manage and hire new employees by combining marketing, candidate relationship management and recruitment in one powerful applicant tracking system which integrates seamlessly with your website and HR systems.

Trusted by over 2500 companies around the world, the Teamtailor recruiter software offers an outstanding experience for applicants while improving communication, collaboration and conversion for HR teams, recruitment professionals and hiring managers.

As an official UK partner to the Teamtailor ATS system, The Word Agency will deliver a feature-packed careers website that will impress candidates and colleagues, taking away the stress and strain of liaising with internal and external stakeholders.

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Highlights of Teamtailor

The Teamtailor applicant tracking system will make your recruitment easier and save you time.  Try it for FREE and see the difference it would make in your business.

Not only is the recruitment software incredibly easy to use and intuitive, but in addition, automation allows you to filter candidate CVs, trigger communication, move good people automatically through your talent acquisition process and schedule interviews – all while you get on with other parts of your job. You can ensure every candidate receives good quality and timely communication, advising them of where they are in your process.

Check out some of the powerful features included with Teamtailor that will enable you to attract, engage and recruit top performers, delivering a seamless experience for candidates all while ensuring the utmost in compliance.

Employer branding

Your modern career site will help you stand out from the crowd, tell your company story, promote your employer value proposition and attract candidates.

Candidate experience

Your candidates’ experience will be better than ever, with custom calls to action allowing candidates to apply within 2 clicks, with or without a CV, using LinkedIn, Facebook and even video.

video interviews

Carry out video interviews with up to 4 people online.  It’s a modern experience, allows you to maximise your time and means location wont stand in your way.


Build relationships and pipeline talent pools with campaigns allowing candidates to register interest in roles and departments without applying, and use nurture campaigns to keep in touch.

recruitment advertising

Publish your vacancies on jobs boards and promote your campaigns on social channels.  It’s your recruitment advertising, easier and all in one place.


With analytics, learn where your best candidates come from and which platforms or jobs boards perform best. Make better, data driven decisions about making your next hire.

Make Recruitment Easier

Recruiters choose the Teamtailor  ATS software because it makes their job easier.

The professional recruitment software looks great and is easy to use which means the wider team will be onboard. With powerful tools like connect, triggers and marketing all in one place, the platform allows recruiters to reach more of the right people, pool talent and recruit effectively.  The ability to automate processes helps them maximise efficiency, saving time and money.

Teamtailor is the choice of people who want to make great impressions on candidates and to implement a first class recruitment experience.

On The Move…

We know sometimes you can’t always access your computer, but this shouldn’t stop you from doing important tasks!

With this app, you will be able to communicate faster, and reach your candidates wherever you are.

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