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Pay Per Click Advertising

Open the door to the world of digital marketing success with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising. It’s not just another advertising avenue, but a lucrative opportunity that helps you reach your specific target audiences more effectively.

Every month, there are thousands of online searches for the products and services you sell and Pay Per Click (PPC) digital advertising allows you to put your brand and your offer in front of those potential customers who are either researching, or actively shopping for what you do, right now.

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What makes PPC stand out?

  • Targeting The targeting options on offer are a cornerstone of the efficiency of PPC. With detailed options such as location, interests, time of day and keyword targeting you can hit your ideal audience at the perfect times to maximise return. 
  • Measurement – Track detailed metrics like conversion rate and ROAS to help you monitor performance and make data driven decisions to influence improvement and optimisation. Use advanced conversion tracking to monitor the value of your campaigns against your business goals.
  • Flexibility – One of the notable advantages of PPC advertising lies in its unparalleled flexibility, offering you precise control over budgets and ad schedules, set daily or monthly spending limits to ensure your campaigns work towards your marketing goals.

What Can A PPC Campaign Do For You?

Search Campaigns

Increase your visibility in search engine results pages with targeted text based ads. Target search terms to reach people searching for exactly what you offer.

Display Campaigns:

Increase brand awareness on a wide scale with visual images, banners and videos displayed across a range of websites across the web.

Shopping Campaigns

Promote e-commerce products and drive sales with targeted listings across search results showing product images and key details.

Video Campaigns

Use platforms like Youtube to engage your customers and boost brand awareness using video content targeted by interests, and related content to hit the right demographic.

App Campaigns

Increase awareness of your app and generate downloads through search, display, video and app store ads.

Local Awareness Campaigns

Drive footfall to physical stores by increasing local awareness and with serving people with directions across a range of platforms including search and maps.

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Our Process


Our experienced PPC team will work with you to identify what platform best aligns with your goals. We use a range of tools to gauge the right keywords and audience to target with our campaigns, as well as build a bespoke forecast so we can recommend an efficient media spend that works for you.


Once the strategy is defined, our team of specialists will get to work constructing your PPC campaign with an effective structure. Leveraging the detailed targeting and audience options available, we ensure precision in reaching your intended audience. We pay close attention to the creation of compelling ad content, whether it involves crafting compelling copy or collaborating with our graphic design team to generate visually striking creatives. By seamlessly integrating strategic targeting with captivating content, we aim to not only maximize visibility but also engage your audience, building a connection that drives powerful results toward your objectives.


Every decision we make is driven by data. We constantly monitor performance of campaigns to identify which areas can be improved to maximise overall output. This can be anything from a tweak in ad copy, to adopting a whole new strategy.


In order to optimise, it’s important to track results and gather as much performance data as possible. We’ll set up full conversion tracking across your site so we can monitor any actions taken as a result of PPC such as phone calls or purchases.


As part of your service we include bespoke monthly reporting, covering each platform we work on. These include detailed performance metrics as well as an overview of the work we’ve put in and what we have discovered. We will work with you to build your personalised report making it easy to digest and present the metrics that are important to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I spend?
How long will it take to get results?

Once your campaign is live, ads will start serving and you’ll see traffic coming to your site almost instantly. Achieving optimal results, such as increased conversions and strong return on investment, may take a bit more time and improvement to fully optimise.

What does a good return look like?

As part of our initial strategy conversation we’ll work with you to define ambitious yet achievable goals and measure performance against our defined KPIs.

How many people are searching for what we offer?

As part of our keyword research we’ll generate a report showing the search volume for all of the search terms relevant to your business.

Can I manage my PPC campaign myself?

Yes, you can manage your PPC campaign yourself but it requires a steep learning curve and continuous optimization. Hiring a professional PPC manager can improve efficiency, maximize results, and save you time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Is my website good enough?

Our skilled team is well-equipped to assess and benchmark the performance of your website. We evaluate factors such as user experience, site speed, key metrics and overall design to evaluate where we can make improvements. By actioning these observations we can make your site more efficient at turning traffic into conversions and take a step closer to achieving our goals.

Are my products competitive?

In today’s highly competitive market it’s important that your offering is compelling and stands out against competitors. Our team can help ensure that your products are positioned competitively through strategic analysis and adjustments, to contribute towards the success of your ad campaign.

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