Recruitment marketing is a thing and here’s why

What is recruitment marketing? It’s most likely a term you’ve never heard of before. Sure, you know about marketing and you devote time, energy and resources to attracting customers and their business. 

So, why don’t you apply the same principles to attracting the brightest employees; those who are a good fit for the role and your business? Research shows that some 40% of people are more likely to apply for a job with a company they’re aware of. Not only that – 48% of people have left a position simply because the role or the business wasn’t what they expected.

Even if you didn’t know that recruitment marketing was a thing, it’s easy to see how most businesses with more than a handful of staff could benefit. What if you could recruit a higher calibre of candidate? What if they were right for your business? What if they stayed for the medium to long term? 

The answers are simple: Better people do better work; more suitable people are happier and stay for longer, reducing the frequency of recruitment and the associated costs, and; people who stay for longer develop their skills within the context of your business. In short, less money and less HR time spent on recruitment, and employees who really help drive your business forward. 

So what is recruitment marketing? It might sound like a bit of a nebulous concept but it’s actually pretty simple. What we offer are a range of services that make people aware of your business, provide a high quality and smooth candidate experience, and ensure efficient processes for HR teams.

We work with businesses of all sizes and sectors to help them communicate their company culture more positively and effectively to attract good people who will stay for longer. We do this through creative services, campaign management and recruitment, marketing and candidate relationship management software. 

In practical terms, this could mean helping you articulate your employer value proposition and using it as a basis for promoting your business as a great employer. This helps to communicate your company culture more effectively, making it easier for candidates to understand what it’s like to work for you. 

Another important consideration is the candidate experience. A poor experience, where communication is irregular and inconsistent or appears a bit low-tech, makes a negative impression on the applicant. They either consciously or sub-consciously form an opinion about you as an employer. Flip that experience to a positive – a smooth, online experience with good communication and even a video interview facility – and you leave a good impression, making good people want to work for you. We are an official UK partner to Teamtailor, a fantastic online recruitment tool that’s full of brilliant tools that result in a slick and efficient process that benefits both candidate and recruiter. 

We’ll be going into more detail on things link employee value propositions, improving candidate experiences and employer branding in future blogs. If this sounds interesting, why not subscribe to get notifications using the form below.















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