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We love to see local companies thriving – and we love it even more when we’re a part of it.

Vuba is a pioneering resin surfacing products manufacturer based in Beverley, with ambitious growth plans and a strong customer base. We worked with them to increase sales by managing inbound enquiries more effectively and creating an outbound sales strategy.

Vuba is aiming to double in size every year and Managing Director Sean Scott plans to take the company from its origins in his bedroom to being a major player in the construction industry. Now operating from its premises off Annie Reed Road, Vuba is aiming to double its 2019 monthly revenues every month in 2020. 

This is an ambitious target for any company in any environment but against the backdrop of a global pandemic, it’s something akin to scaling Mount Everest with a ton weight on your back. Still, Sean isn’t lowering his ambitions, which is how The Word Agency got involved. 

Like so many good things, it started off with a casual conversation about something else, which led onto the topics of sales processes and business strategy. One of our core services centres on helping businesses to get their strategy and processes right and that’s what we’ve been helping Vuba to achieve. 

Without any specific issues in mind, Sean asked us to take a look at the business and see if we had any ideas for improvement and suggestions for reducing their marketing spend. Our lead sales consultant and founder Tim Watson took this one on. 

Sean said: “We brought Tim in to help us make the most of existing sales opportunities and the engagement we get from our customer base.
“Our approach had always been to generate more sales by spending more money on doing things; going to more trade fairs, sending out more brochures and spending more on Adwords.
“We wanted to spend a lot less on marketing this year – last year we spent more than £300,000 – but we still wanted to grow; our aim is to double in size every year. So how would we achieve this with less marketing spend?”

Tim started by getting to know the business and its people, and analysing the business plan before developing a strategy with Sean. They considered sales processes and agreed targets and key performance indicators which would then be measured on a regular basis. Tim delivered training and has been – and is still – supporting in key meetings. 

Vuba has been doing brilliantly anyway and we’re certain the company would have continued growing without our help. It’s great to see local businesses doing new and different things, doing them well and flourishing as a result. 

Going back to Sean’s ambition to double in size every year, the revenue for May 2020 was an incredible 200% of the target and 400% of last year’s average monthly revenue. In hard cash, the company’s best ever month has increased by over £250,000 which is amazing. We’d love to think that we’re just a little part of that. 

Sean continued: “What Tim brought together was that we want to be outstanding and consistent in everything we do. From the quality of our product to the customer buying experience, our presentation and ongoing customer service. We had people doing things like printing off labels in the office when we had run out of the professionally printed labels, and they didn’t look great.
“Tim helped the team to understand that if you can’t be outstanding then you need to flag that up. If we are outstanding then we will achieve the things we want to achieve. We then looked at our sales strategy and processes and workshopped that with the team.” 

He added: “The best thing that Tim did was that he sold Vuba to our staff. He made them all realise that we are a great company and we should be excited about that. It’s not about putting a gloss on things and pretending, it’s about doing things right in reality, and the team are running with it.”

Sean concluded: “I didn’t like sales really and I don’t respond to sales people. I thought if you make a good product and you market it then people will buy it. But we’ve found through this process that a lot of people do respond to sales and our new, more focussed approach to sales is making a real difference. 

“I’ve found it transformational.” 

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Sean Scott. Owner of Vuba in Beverley.


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