Making Video Interviews Easy

Video meetings are really having their moment during the COVID19 pandemic. From Microsoft Teams to Zoom, colleagues and families are communicating through their webcams and smartphones, looking at grids of their workmates and loved ones while desperately trying to disguise their lockdown hair.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. In the case of video meetings, this particular necessity had already been invented and the challenging times we’re experiencing in 2020 have been the catalyst that has ignited our enthusiasm for this fantastically useful platform. Cue weary IT managers rubbing their foreheads and saying “I told you so”.

Video meetings are also available as a native feature within Teamtailor, the slick yet practical recruitment software for which The Word Agency is an official UK partner.  No other tool or integration is needed as the solution is made by Teamtailor, and is a standard feature, ready to be used today.

We believe that a high quality candidate experience is crucial to creating a positive impression of your company as an employer – your employer brand. Teamtailor is packed with features that create a simpler and more efficient recruitment process for the recruiter and the candidate but which make businesses look more professional and ultimately more appealing to the talent that’s out there.

This includes a simple application process, automated email campaigns and talent pooling, jobs boards and application tracking, as well as built-in SMS and live chat, all branded up as part of the company website.

Video meetings are a core element of that offer. Below are the steps which show just how simple it is to set up and get started with video interviews in Teamtailor.

To create a video meeting with a candidate a video meeting, simply enable the feature when scheduling the meeting. For this first version of the feature, there can be up to four people in one meeting.

The candidate and all participants will recieve a link to the meeting in the invitation email.  

In the video meeting, participants first see their own video preview before joining the meeting.

And its as easy as that!  Our system is all about making your life when recruiting easier!

You can learn more about Teamtailor here, but if you’d rather discuss it in person, then let’s get a video call of our own and we can show you how with Teamtailor you can deliver a modern candidate experience, be more efficient in your recruitment process, saving you time and energy all while achieving your recruitment goals.  We will give you an personalised demonstration and you can even take advantage of a 14 day FREE TRIAL!

Simply email or call 01482 236488.


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